Seal-it International

Seal-it International Lab Results shows impressive results. Seal-it International supplies concrete sealant to distributors, qualified applicators and consumers around the world.

What Do I Need for Account Access?

Our system is simple.  Account Access applies only to those businesses that have a profile that they can change at any time.  Account access applies to all subscription types.   Each business owner lists the credentials they possess as a business and only the credentials they currently have in place.  The

Become an educated consumer.

An educated consumer can do the following. They can make comparisons and weigh options based on research. They want choice. They do not want someone suggesting who they should choose by eliminating choice. They rely on word of mouth from their close family and friends, but also have the ability

20 Ways Our Site is Different

As a business or as a consumer you have the ability to research any business on your own. Now based on our experience, users choose companies based on what they see. Sometimes they don’t make good decisions because they do not have a choice of options, or they simply do